Thilde on TV

We are so proud of our colleague, Thilde Rosén-Lystrup, who is hosting the interior design show “Rom 123” on one of our main Norwegian TV channels, TV2. She has come up with smart solutions, compact living ideas, redesigning old furniture and shown us a palette of fresh interiors.

It is a low budget show, and the limit on each project is 2000$ (NOK 15.000,-). The concept behind the show is couples that are stuck with the look of some of their rooms. They just cannot agree on either a design or the functionality of the room. Thilde talks to them one by one, understands their issues and comes up with an idea. After two days work, the couple comes back home and SURPRISE. A new room for them!

After 10 shows, there has been a lot of joy and emotions, and even some tears have been shed. The result is people who finally are pleased with their interiors. Here are just a few of the cases. You can watch the program on TV2 everyday (12 & 18.00 a.m).