The Office

Since we have changed name, logo, got new partners and so on, we felt it was time to refurbish our offices as well. But the most difficult task for any designer is to make your own space. With all the blogs and magazines we read, all the suppliers we meet, the task gets more and more difficult. So we had to use our experiences and what products we have been happiest with.

In terms of colors, it was easy to select the dark and elegant color from Jotun, named Deco Blue. Even though it is very dark, it collaborates beautiful together with the existing oak. We used our old oak furniture, but redesigned them. With help from clever carpenters.

Not only does Deco Blue work with oak, but gold and grey. The art deco inspired pendants from Flos, IC Lights fit in perfectly. Even though they are very elegant, they are still quite playful as their basic form is a sphere that is perfectly balanced on the edge of a rod.

We have also introduced a completely new material to the premises. Carpet. And not just any carpet. But planks laid in herringbone pattern. And it was a good reason for this choice. Further inside the office, we have a big space where many of us work. The original floor is kept. This is oak planks laid in herringbone. We think this is an interesting juxtaposition. 2017 meets 1924, when this building was originally built.

The carpet is from Interface.

Deco blue is a red thread through the whole office. In the Foyer, the reception, the meeting room and even in the tiny toilets upstairs. It’s a myth that you cannot use dark colors in small spaces. As long as you have good lighting, you can use what ever color you want. The tiles are very contemporary and come from Mirage/Norr Fagflis.

This has been a successful project and who would imagined that so many cooks haven’t spoiled the broth! Thanks to all suppliers, our patient colleagues and most of all: our competent carpenter, Rafal.