Sumptuous settings on MSC Seaside

The exterior design work we delivered for MSC Seaside included the longest ziplines at sea and areas connecting to the high profile Aqua Park and, understandably, attracted considerable attention on the cruise ship’s official launch in January. Since then, however, other aspects of our extensive package of works on board have come into focus, as MSC Seaside cruisers have found their way to the five 40-seater upscale pay restaurants on Deck 16.

Connected by a common welcoming area, the exclusive eateries include ‘the Asian Market Kitchen’ overseen by renowned chef Roy Yamaguchi. However, it was the fishing-themed Ocean Cay, whose design gave our team particular satisfaction.

With a half-hull of a sailing boat against one wall and central water stations as faux hulls, this interior also features stainless steel strands suspended from the ceiling which interact with the light to evoke fishing nets. “It’s quite a neutral palette that suggests afternoon light and the subtle blues of the water and sky and the greys of jetties and the shadows, so that the food is the star,” says YSA Design Managing Director, Anne Mari Gullikstad.

“Looking at the MSC Seaside project as a whole also highlights that we are one of only very few companies able to do the exterior as well as interior designs, working on GA development with the owner even before the shipyard is involved, then following projects through to the very smallest details.”