New visual wrapping

Last year we changed our name to YSA DESIGN, and this year we have a new visual ”wrapping”!

It is a time of change for our company. A lot is happening, and there is a fluster of activity in our offices in Oslo. Apart from the physical change/upgrade of our offices, we also have a refreshed graphic profile.

We acquired professional help from talented graphic designers Big Fish to give us a visual look that matched our identity. And after a long and thorough process, we have finally landed. We are truly pleased and excited with the result! The new logo has a more contemporary feeling, but it still represents our long history in architecture and design. After all, the company has more than 30 years of experience! It also includes our innovative, playful and creative sides. The new logo is versatile, but could also stand on it’s own as a symbol for us.

We have longed for this change for a while, and finally it comes to life! Part of this whole process, also included to refresh our website, which will be more dynamic than the previous one.

A new feature is the ”Latest” element, which will allow us to share news, experiences and thoughts with the world. There is so much going on out there, so please stay tuned!