Inspiring installations

With Christmas approaching, the entire YSA Design team set out on a unique study trip to Venice in late November and early December, to seek inspiration from the historic city and from Biennale 2017, while also visiting one of our leading shipyard partners to inspect some ‘live’ cruise projects.

On one level, these few days away were a team building exercise and took in our annual Christmas party, but they also offered a chance  to soak up the design details in one of the world’s most beautiful urban locations.

In an inspiration business, our visit is expected to be invaluable in some of our forthcoming projects that are currently under wraps, over and above the fact that it is always opportune to reference ideas against the architectural visionaries of the Renaissance.

This year’s Venice Bienniale also features Damien Hirst’s ‘Treasure from the Wreck of the Unbelievable’, and the British artist’s large sculptures provided particular focus for our designers. Not unusually, Hirst’s new show has split the critics, with the New York Times dubbing it «the most talked about art show on earth» but, whatever the response, few will dispute his audacious approach when it comes to installations.