Expedition lands in Florida

The three-day event allowed us to catch up with cruise ship clients, suppliers and shipbuilders alike, and share insights on design solutions for a new breed of adventurous cruise passenger who seeks truly life-changing experiences in remote destinations.

One focus for YSA Design has been the solutions that allow expedition cruisers to get close to the wonders of nature – through open promenades low in the ship’s structure that don’t block balcony views, or access to observation decks via stairs running under or behind the bridge wings.

Expedition cruisers are also inquisitive, with interests extending beyond routinely ‘educational’ entertainments to take in contemporary research on the waters they are crossing. YSA Design has been helping owners and shipyards to conceive new standards for shipboard laboratories and lecture theatre acoustics, and envisioning wildlife briefings brought to life by immersive LED surround-walls emulating installations on board larger cruise ships.

We are also giving special attention to the areas used to launch and recover tender boats and Zodiacs, given that excursions are often a key part of the ‘adventure’ cruise. YSA Design’s ongoing projects include new solutions for the ‘infinity pool’, installed low down at the ship’s stern and featuring a reinforced glass-side panel so that swimmers can take in the view close to the water level. Again, retractable marinas have quickly become expedition ship ‘must haves’.