A confection for MSC Meraviglia

With an enviable reputation as one of the world’s leading creators of crepes, pastries, chocolates and gelato, Jean-Philippe Maury’s confections are a welcome addition to the cruise industry’s desire to delight those with a discerning sweet tooth. YSA Design conceives the space for the master chocolatier’s creations.

Creating a Jean-Phillipe Maury chocolate atelier and bakery within the galleria onboard the MSC Cruises Meraviglia was always going to command close attention from a chef whose honours include a World Pastry Team Gold and Meilleur Ouvrier ‘Best Pastry Chef in France’. After all, the art of the chocolatier is big business: Maury was also the driving force behind the Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie at the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, 1,000ft2 outlet housing the world’s tallest chocolate fountain (27ft, since you ask).

“Jean-Philippe Maury is a world pastry champion who embodies passion, elegance, innovation and excellence – the same characteristics that distinguish MSC Cruises,” says Rick Sasso, president of MSC Cruises USA.

Now also renowned for his innovative iDessert outlet in San Diego, where customers create desserts to their own specs on ipads and pick them up within eight minutes, the Chambre de Metiers Master in pastry is clearly a crowd pleaser. For Meraviglia, a ship described by magazine Cruise International as “full of innovative attractions mixed with show-stopping Italian flair that reflects its continental heritage,” these tendencies are reflected in Maury’s open kitchen, where six craftsmen create confectionery to order.

From the design perspective, the lay-out calls for demanding ingenuity as well as innovation, and the need to develop a close relationship with the exacting Maury, and accommodate the installation of the very specialised plant the master chocolatier uses to maintain the condition of his ingredients and completed confections.